vlSYNO BIPS Eligibility

Eligibility Status

Remember: a minimum 5% ratio between your total deposit value and vlSYNO value must be maintained at all times to remain eligible for vlSYNO BIPS.

We recommend to lock more than 10% to account for potential volatility.


User X has $5 of vlSYNO and $100 of USDC deposits, which means User X has met the 5% requirement. He is eligible for BIPS from the money market as well as for vlSYNO BIPS.

The price of ETH declines 5%, thus taking the value of vlSYNO down below $5, and User X is now below the 5% threshold for vlSYNO BIPS. He is still eligble for BIPS obtained via money market deposits but he loses the vlSYNO Boost.

You will be able to see whether you are eligible for vlSYNO Boost on the Portfolio and on the Lock Pages:

If a User wishes to increase his vlSYNO Boost and thus obtain more BIPS he can. There is no upper limit. But bear in mind that obtaining vlSYNO BIPS means locking liquidity, unlike money market participation, which can be deposited/withdrawn at any time.

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