BIPS Calculation Example


  • User A deposits $100 OP tokens and borrows $50 USDC. He doesn't have any vlSYNO.

  • This user is earning 100 BIPS per deposit per day and 300 BIPS per borrow per day, as USDC is boosted.

    • He is eligible for SYNO Emissions and his pro-rata allocation of ecosystem airdrops.

  • He decides to boost his BIPS with vlSYNO. He locks $10 into vlSYNO.

    • At the current prices, $10 = 40 vlSYNO. Furthermore, he decides to lock it for 12 months, getting a multiplier of 25x. This means he is getting 1000 vlSYNO. Currently vlSYNO receives 0.5 BIPS per vlSYNO per Day, meaning the user is eligible for additional 500 BIPS per day.

  • In total the user receives 900 BIPS per day.

    • With vlSYNO locked, he not only boosted his BIPS position but also is now eligible for governance and fees distribution.

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