Oracle descriptions

Our protocol leverages the Pyth price oracle model for providing high-fidelity, precise prices for different price feeds. More details on how to integrate Pyth can be found here.

Pyth provides two values: price and confidence. These two parameters parameterize a distribution for the price, with ‘price’ serving as the mean of a Laplace distribution with standard deviation equal to ‘confidence’.

Utility functions for getting prices and calculating effective notionals of assets in vaults based on their prices are in the HubPriceUtilities.sol contract.

Pyth network operates on a push system where users need to push the price of an asset from the Pyth oracle network in order to access it in the protocol. We check price using the default age of 300 seconds for our feeds to ensure that the prices are up to date.

Our protocol is also ready to immediately switch to Chainlink if needed.

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