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Synonym Finance

Synonym is the universal cross-chain credit layer for busy DeFi Professionals
Our testnet program is now live. Details available here.

What is Synonym?

Synonym is a universal cross-chain credit layer for busy DeFi Professionals. We’re building the cross-chain lending and borrowing experience that power users deserve, powered by Wormhole technology. Users will be able to earn yield, borrow, repay and withdraw from any chain, all from a single unified interface.

Why Wormhole?

We’re building Synonym on the powerful Wormhole xChain technology stack. The xChain stack enables seamless cross-chain transactions via scalable and secure generalized messaging technologies. Wormhole is supported by the Wormhole Foundation which is committed to aggressively growing the Wormhole ecosystem and supporting integrations across dozens of chains.
The Wormhole ecosystem has been growing quickly and has gained tangible traction with a wide range of new protocols building on their technology. Moreover, they have consistently shipped new security features and performance improvements that make integrating with their technology extremely attractive.

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