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We've got a lot planned.
Synonym was able to progress from zero to testnet readiness with significant partnerships lined up in only 12 weeks. We’re proud of the velocity we’ve built to date and will continue to focus on delivering a best-in-class cross-chain money market experience. Our DeFi Professionals would demand nothing less. We’ve got a busy roadmap ahead - let’s explore what’s coming next:
  • Community Launch
    • Synonym unveiled, community growth kickoff
    • Verified testnet program registration
    • Audit with OtterSec kicks off
  • Merger Completion & Testnet
    • Proposal to merge with New Order DAO completed
    • Discussion and community revisions evaluated
    • Testnet launch (participants will receive special Synonym perks)
    • OtterSec audit completed, relevant improvements made to codebase
  • Mainnet & Token Launch
    • Synonym officially goes live on Mainnet, token goes live
    • Markets launch on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism
    • Liquidity partnerships go live
    • SYNO launches, stakers receive fees from the operation of Synonym
    • SYNO liquidity locking goes live, enhanced emissions become available
    • SYNO is launched as a Wormhole xToken, instantly enabling seamless interoperability across all supported chains
  • Operational Improvement & Partnerships
    • Operations improved, liquidity partnerships continue to expand
    • Partner protocol strategies and assets added to Synonym markets
  • Synonym V2 Designs in Progress
    • Anticipated features include improved liquidation, multi-token transaction tools, further integrations with partner protocols
    • More complex primitives using xChain arbitrary messaging capabilities
    • Second cohort of liquidity spokes considering Base, BSC, Solana, Osmosis
    • Circle CCTP activation for smoother UX when working with USDC
Roadmaps are subject to change. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible cross-chain money market experience while pursuing accretive integrations with our partners.