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We've just launched the Analytics Page on our dApp! This feature is designed to provide a comprehensive breakdown of users holdings in Synonym, offering a real-time snapshot of data and access to a what-if analysis.

Incentives Calculator

The heart of this new feature is the Incentives Calculator. Our goal is for the user to leverage this tool and gain an understanding of their assets performance over a 3 month period. While we strive for accuracy, please note that we use current asset utilization, APY’s and asset prices to calculate the output. These inputs are likely to be variable over the 3 month period, so the results should be used as a ballpark calculation.

How to use the calculator:

  1. Select the assets you're interested in supplying or borrowing and enter the desired amount. Note, SYNO APY will appear only after the input.

  1. After the input the APY will adjust to include an estimated SYNO APY. This APY is based on a 3 month emissions estimation and the input of the user.

  1. Don't miss the overview in the top right corner for a consolidated view of your activities.

How to boost the APY?

Enhance it through vlSYNO locking:

Important points:

  • The figures for vlSYNO represent Balancer Pool Token Amounts, with a detailed token distribution visible on the right;

  • Your vlSYNO APY is calculated in $wETH, while SYNO Emissions are awarded in $SYNO;

  • Achieving optimal returns involves balancing your vlSYNO locking and assets supplied/borrowed, influenced by factors:

    • Total vlSYNO locked;

    • Emission allocations per asset and chain;

    • Available liquidity;

    • Total assets supplied / borrowed.

  • Unlike the variable APY presented on the markets page, the SYNO Emissions APY here is precise. We plan to reduce emission numbers bi-weekly, transitioning towards a model that rewards vlSYNO lockers with fee distributions rather than token inflation.

    • Hence, Daily Earnings provide with the most accurate information on the day, however they will differ from the calculations on the Incentives Calculator.

  • The Incentives Calculator provides the most accurate representation of the incentives.

We encourage you to experiment with the calculator to discover the most favorable APY for your portfolio. Best of luck!

If you still have questions, feel free to navigate to our discord page: https://discord.gg/synonymfinance

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